The Legacy Of Pop Art Canvas Prints

Soon after the Second World War artists, like most people, witnessed a sense of grief and disillusionment in the conventional techniques and subjects of illustration. In an attempt to redefine their analysis of the modern world these artists, building off of the ideologies exhibited by both the Surrealist and Dada movements, began experimenting with new ways of painting the world around them. During the early 1960s the traditional world was starting to witness the camp temperament. Because camp was witnessed as the triumph of style over substance, as soon as the pop art canvas painters elevated their despised media works of art to the industry of "high art," they demonstrated the camp celebration of, and dedication to the unfashionable.

The self-consciousness as regards design in both low and high fine art inextricably linked it with camp, and unfortunately provoked frequent homophobic attacks on pop art and its patrons. Nevertheless, this adverse reaction by the art powers that be didn't inhibit the general public from appreciating and collecting Pop Art. Pop artists reached rapid financial wealth and almost immediately were given canonical standing in fine art history. Its association with the camp mindset have continuously provided Pop art with a significant gay audience. Pop art canvas art has duly had a considerable effect on subsequent painting and painters, opening the way for everything from photorealism in the 70's to the ironic expression of the ordinary that has dominated a good deal of modern art.

Fashion Designers picked up these fine art fashions and customized them for application in their clothing creations. Large chains stocked black and white themed clothing and boots, coats and hats in PVC, and other man-made materials. The look was effective however excessive amounts could cause head aches. Pop Art saw its design aesthetic slowly but surely disappearing after the late Nineteen Sixties.Quite ironically it was outshone by abstract expressionism and absorbed by the same financial advertising and marketing resources it had used for its prime inspiration. Pop art canvas art will be forever credited for a heritage of showy fashion statements, and camp publicity campaigns.