How To Hang Wall Art

When hanging a piece of wall art, there's more to it then placing the canvas on a nail in the wall. You need to take into consideration where you'll going hang it and how high, is there enough wall space and ultimately that its not going to fall off the wall.

Once you've chosen a piece of quality wall art you need to decide how you're going to hang it. You have two options these are, to hammer two nails into the wall or use hanging hooks.

To hang a canvas using two nails simply hammer each nail a quarter of the way in, then place your print flush against the wall. Make sure when placing the nails they are evenly aligned, it may be helpful to use a level and ruler.

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The other option you have when hanging a piece of wall art is to use hanging hooks. Its important that you choose the right hook for your artwork based on its weight. When hanging a canvas print its advisable to use two hooks as it helps keep the artwork level over time and it adds security, so your picture doesn't fall off the wall.

The last thing to remember when hanging a piece of wall art is the positioning and placement. Its advised that you hang the print 60 inches off the ground so its at eye level. When arranging multiple prints remember to space them at least 2 inches apart.

Remember to have fun when hanging prints, you can easily remove them or replace the wall art with something different over time to give the room a fresh look.

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