How Colour Effects Our State Of Mind

Whilst our perception of colour is somewhat subjective, there are some colour effects that have a definite effect on us. Colours in the red part of the spectrum are often described as warm colours, for example red, orange and yellow. These vibrant hues produce a reaction including anything from a sense of energy and warmth to a sense of hostility and even anger. Blue canvas prints are perceived as cool, along with purple canvas art and green wall art. These colors are perceived by many as calming, but can also be the source of feelings of indifference of depression.

There have been many scientific studies on the effects of colour including not only the effects on our minds, but also the physical effects that can result from our surroundings and the use of different colours. In fact in studies blind people have shown the ability to feel the difference between colours somehow perceiving the different wavelengths physical effects on their bodies. It is known that several ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Chinese, acknowledged the benefits of chromotherapy - using colours as a form of medicine. This is more commonly known as light therapy or colourology and is still in use today as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Red has more universal effects than any other colour. Recognized as a stimulant, red is universally invigorating and the application of red is an important factor in the level of energy felt by the observer. Red draws our attention subconsciously and a specific use of the colour in the home can immediately bring to life a particular feature. Therefore red canvas art could be just what you need for your home and add a bit of inspiration to a modern home, making a much needed focal point in your surroundings.

Our opinion on colour is subjective but there is almost certainly no universally favoured colour, for example the colour brown can be applied in our surroundings to create a stable, calm living space and a connection with the earth. So if you want to create a feeling of warmth, red is the colour for you. Conversely, a well chosen brown canvas print would be all that you need if you want to evoke a wholesome sense of order in your home, or a sepia canvas for that invaluable air of relaxation.